Magdas Hotel

Caritas and architecture studio AllesWirdGut have developed a hotel concept that redefines hospitality. Initiated by a social business subsidiary of Caritas Austria, Magdas is a hotel with an unconventional concept and an inspiring history. Run as a social business, Magdas Hotel tries to resolve social and economic problems with entrepreneurial tools. People from 14 different nations with very different biographies, some of them came to Austria as refugees, work and live here side by side with the hotel guests. The interior design is a response to the existing building, expression of an architectural concept and creative use of scarce resources. The hotel accommodates 78 modern and elegant guest rooms as well as two residential units.

For this project, AllesWirdGut relied on simplicity and plain elegance. The reduced, well-matched colour concept informs the visible surfaces and is accentuated with distinctive individual furnishings. To support the concept, the architects chose Kvadrat and Kinnasand textiles. More than 1,000 m were used for furnishings and window coverings. Thanks to their extensive colour scheme and beautiful drapes, HazeSkydo and Dawn were used in the guest rooms and compliment the tone-in-tone concept. They improve the rooms acoustics and ensure comfort for the guests. The dim-out curtain Relax is used in the suites where it combines perfectly with the varied furniture and interior concept. Finally, Hallingdal 65 is upholstered on furniture in the lobby to create colourful accents.

Magdas Hotel was a unique project with exceptional participants. Kvadrat assisted us in this extraordinary task to combine high design requirements with social sustainability. Kvadrat’s performance went beyond the selection of high-quality textiles. The company also contributed to an innovative, demanding planning process in supervising and actively assisting the project. Together we made it possible to open up new paths: the quality, design as well as the creative process were unique. Both guests and owners are equally enthusiastic,’ Johanna Aufner, project architect AllesWirdGut

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