Microsoft HQ

Kvadrat textiles and Clouds have been specified throughout Microsoft’s Italian headquarters, which is at the company’s Innovation Campus in Milan. The HQ covers over 20,000 square metres and opened in July 2011.

Designed to enable Microsoft employees to ‘work everywhere and do it in the best way’, the interior of the HQ is based on a concept entitled New Way of Work. Very light and colourful, it features highly flexible ‘personal working spots’, informal alcoves, and ‘skins’ in the form of glass partitions and walls.

The Innovation Campus is the first campus in Italy to be built to LEED standards: it is LEED Gold certified. The complex has also earned the Italian ‘Classe A’ energy certification. Reflecting this, it incorporates a number of sustainable materials and technologies, such as solar panels and a photovoltaic system.

Divina MelangeDivina 3Highfield and Field are used on workstation screens, loose furniture and custom wall panels. Clouds are used as decorative elements in public areas and meeting rooms.

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