Natural Affinity | Euler Hermes

The DGNB Gold-certified new headquarters of credit insurer Euler Hermes incorporates a variety of Kvadrat upholstery and wall panel textiles, as well as Soft Cells acoustic panels. These contribute towards the biophilic design of the offices, which aims to harness the positive effects of nature.

In addition to creating ‘naturalness,’ Seel Bobsin Partner focused on ensuring excellent acoustic conditions throughout the building to reduce stress and aid concentration. To this end, they installed Soft Cells acoustic panels on walls, covered with Remix and Floyd Screen in open and social spaces, as well as in desk areas.

Diverse Kvadrat textiles crafted from natural materials are employed on walls, furniture and in the Think Tanks. Specified in biophilic colours, in varying colour contrasts, these evoke associations with nature and differentiate spaces within the building.

Overall, the interior concept is characterised by a balanced mix of nature-inspired colours, shapes, structures and large graphics. The use of plants is a signature characteristic: on each of the six floors, one type serves as a distinguishing feature.

Kim Bobsin: “During the planning phase, the natural colour range and the many possible combinations in the Kvadrat collection were very important to us.”

Photography by Karsten Knocke

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