Norm Architects and owner Daniels Carlsson

Halland, Sweden 


Upholstery textile: Moss
Rugs: Lavo
Kvadrat Soft Cells: Lumo

Norm Architects and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Behind the scenes

Michelin-starred Restaurant Äng incorporates Kvadrat rugs and upholstery and a Kvadrat Acoustics solution within its sustainably designed interior. The venue is located in a modern interpretation of a glasshouse, which emerges from picturesque rural surroundings like a prism.

The sensual concept for the restaurant's interior unites a scale of tactile natural materials and tones, which create balance with the pastoral landscape outside. It explores the idea of changing scenes – within haute cuisine and design – focusing on the similarities between Scandinavian and Japanese expression. 

For the restaurant, in collaboration with Karimoku Case Study, Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design created bespoke sofas, armchairs and dining chairs upholstered with Moss. These elements act in harmony with the richly textured Lavo carpets to deliver a comfortable, serene experience for guests.

A Kvadrat Acoustic solution seamlessly integrated into a wall adds a further dimension of sensory wellbeing for guests. Comprising Soft Cells panels, it works to counteract reverberation from the many large glass surfaces, minimising noise and making conversations effortlessly clear.

Daniel Carlsson, Owner, Restaurant Äng: "We truly believe that the Kvadrat products have hugely contributed to the project's success. Not only in terms of how we were able to specify them on the furniture but also how we could use the wide selection and know-how of the team to lift the experience to a new level. The Kvadrat Acoustics solution and rugs optimise the acoustics of the space as naturally integrated elements of the Karimoku case, and they also offer the benefits of tactile qualities, as well as their look and feel."

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