Studio Pneuma – Diana Lindboe and Camilla Boccardi Christensen

Executive architects
Prisme Architects

Hillerød, Denmark.


Curtains crafted from Time 300
Furniture upholstered with Vidar
Kvadrat Acoustics solution on walls and ceilings covered with Ginger
Kvadrat Shade roller-blind solution used on building's south-façade incorporating Silvretta

Scene of Tranquillity

Modular Circle House, designed around a concept that correlates with the local landscape and climate, features Kvadrat curtains and upholstery, a Kvadrat Acoustics solution and Kvadrat Shade roller-blinds. The building functions as the headquarter of D4 ApS, a Danish software company, and it is located in Hillerød.

From the beginning of the project, the architects wanted to use a scale of tactile textiles. Chosen in various colour compositions, they play a central part in creating an atmospheric and stimulating yet tranquil space.

The Kvadrat Shade roller-blind solution meets the challenge of direct sunlight on the building's open, south-facing façade. Specified in the metallised textile Silvretta, in a range of light and warm colours, it provides a means to emphasise daylight rhythms and access picturesque views.

Wavy curtains crafted from the Kvadrat textile Time 300 further support a productive and intimate environment. Employed as transverse space dividers throughout the building, they allow light to pass through and reveal silhouettes of people passing by.

To ensure a balanced, collaborative acoustic environment, a Kvadrat Acoustics solution is installed on ceilings and the walls of meeting spaces. The Soft Cells panels are covered in Ginger 2 in various earthy colour tones that complement the Dinesh Ash floor.

The furniture at the premises is created in collaboration with Design–Studies, Archival Studies and Paustian. Modular Sofas are upholstered with Vidar in two deep colours by Raf Simons, bringing an extra dimension of warmth and tactility to spaces.

Camilla Boccardi Christensen, Founder and architect: "We are fascinated by the many opportunities Kvadrat has to offer, combined with the high-quality solutions surrounding each product. The aesthetic and functional qualities of these products act as creative fuel for crafting a sensible yet atmospheric environment."

The soft, circular design of Modular Circle House arose from investigations of the landscape and is informed by wind and light. The architecture frames the surrounding nature and allows for the ever-changing conditions to set the atmosphere inside, where socially inclusive, acoustically optimised open spaces support concentration and calmness.

Photography: D4, Studio Pneuma, Claus Troelsgaard 

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