Mischulti + Munich Architects, LESON Innenarchitektur X Objektmanagement

Frankfurt, Germany

Upholstery textiles: Divina 3 and Divina Melange
Curtains: Tampico

SEB German Headquarters

Kvadrat textiles have been used in all areas of the new German headquarters of SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken) at the Skylight building, in downtown Frankfurt. They play a key role in bringing the contemporary yet timeless Scandinavian design of the interior to life. It is because of SEB’s roots that the Scandinavian theme was chosen. It is realised through high-quality natural materials and fresh, welcoming colours. These combine to create a bright, cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.

The five-floor building was originally designed by Richard Rogers at the turn of the century and has been completely renovated by Mischulti + Munich Architects and LESON Innenarchitektur X Objektmanagement. The interior has been designed so the offices work individually, as well as in groups of ‘think-tanks’, meeting rooms and places to retreat. Special attention was paid to acoustics during the project. In the office areas the ceiling, flooring, curtain panels, furniture and fixtures were chosen to optimise acoustic qualities and create a comfortable, productive atmosphere.

Divina 3 and Divina Melange, in a variety of colours, are used on furniture and cushions in different areas throughout the headquarters, including: offices, conference room, meeting rooms, common areas and the boardroom. Tampico, in three different colours, is used for curtains.

Kvadrat textiles are used in the interior of SEB’s new office in Germany. They played a central role in the implementation of the Scandinavian design concept. The expressive colours of the textiles we selected promote a sense of vitality and modernity. Furthermore, due to their high quality they guarantee a long life span, ensuring satisfaction for our client.’ Guido Leson, Managing Director, LESON Innenarchitektur X Objektmanagement

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