Great minds think alike

To empathise the ‘abstract nature’ concept conceived by Indicum Interior Architects a selection of wool-rich textiles in neutral tones were employed throughout the building. Furniture is upholstered with RemixCanvasFiordSteelcutHallingdal and RimeTime is used for curtains.

We choose textiles from Kvadrat because of their reduced environmental impact, as well as their aesthetic quality. For this large building, we were able to find a coherent colour scale - with a variation of structures and hues just like in nature,” Therese Löwstedt, Indicum Interior Architects.

The ‘abstract nature’ concept links the inside of the building to the green surroundings outside. In doing so, they chose a palette of natural colours, shapes and materials.

Mirroring this approach, the interior features upholstery textiles with a high wool-content, as well as air-purifying plant walls. These not only bring the concept to life; they also help to ensure the Segerstedthuset has a strong environmental profile.

The interior, which matches the façade with oblique lines and triangular shapes, facilitates new and different ways of working. Designed to easily evolve with changing needs, it offers activity-based working spaces, as well as traditional offices with permanent workstations.

In August 2017, the management and administrative staff of Sweden’s Uppsala University moved into an angular new building designed by 3XN. This is located next to a botanic park, which provided inspiration for the interior theme.

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