Skype Stockholm Office

Kvadrat textiles have been used throughout the new Skype office in Stockholm. The 1680 sqm space caters to around 100 staff. Designed to capture the ‘playful, user-friendly spirit’ of Skype, it features custom-designed furniture, lighting and wallpaper. Colourful and rounded, the furniture has been designed by the architects to reflect Skype’s graphical profile and cloud-shaped logo. The special wallpaper used at the offices features patterns made from headsets and cables, equipment associated with the company’s online chat service. 

Reflecting the role of Skype in driving communication, many of the elements in the interior are based on the idea of ‘interconnected nodes’. This is shown in the design of the workplaces, tables and bar, as well as the carpet, which features a pattern of rhomboid and triangular shapes. The Skype Stockholm office has received several awards and nominations, including: the first prize for ‘Outstanding Design of the Year’ at the 9th Modern Decoration International Media Award in China; Silver at the Swedish award for ‘Sweden’s Prettiest Office’; and nominations for Best Office Design at the Leaf Awards, London, and the Inside Festival, Barcelona.

Kvadrat textiles were chosen for upholstery on furniture and pillows through out the office. A variety of different colours of CodaDivinaHallingdalSteelcut Trio and Tonus were used. 

'Our priority was Kvadrat textiles. We used five different qualities: Coda, Divina, Hallingdal, Steelcut Trio and Tonus. The variation of structure, colour and density was needed in order for us to realise our vision for the cutting-edge interior.' Peter Sahlin, pS Arkitektur

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