Sorø Husholdningsskole

Kvadrat textiles have been chosen for the renovation of Sorø Husholdningsskole, a Danish boarding school.
Originally founded as a girls’ school over 120 years ago, today this caters to around 80 girls and boys aged 15 and over.

The idea at the heart of the two-year project was to build a bridge between the school’s origins, values and future.
Reflecting this, the rooms combine modern Danish furniture with a reference, such as a photo or a specific colour, that links to the building’s past. Comprising a main building and five villas, the school is spread over a large park-like area. The main building contains half of the students’ rooms and most of the common facilities, such as kitchens and classrooms. At the school, students live together in pairs distributed in small groups. The cosy feel of the spaces they share is, in part, created by the use of dark wool textiles, dark walls and new wooden floors.

CanvasRemix and Steelcut Trio are used on lounge chairs. Remix has also been selected for other chairs. Sofas are upholstered with CanvasDivinaHallingdal and Molly.

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