Beijing, China


Upholstery textiles: Remix, Remix for HAY, Divina Melange for Haworth
Wall textiles: Steelcut Trio 3, Remix 3
Curtain: Forest Nap

We, not I

At the renovated Beijing headquarters of an automobile manufacturer, Kvadrat textiles feature throughout.

The concept focuses on creating a platform for efficient interactions between management and other team members. Consequently, the interior places emphasis on collaborative, creative "We Spaces", which support both productivity and wellbeing.

Kvadrat textiles are used across the premises. Specified in a variety of bold and neutral notes, they chime with the architects' goal of creating spaces that reference the diverse personalities of the employees.

The upholstery textiles are used on the walls of conference rooms, office spaces and collaboration booths, as well as on a wide selection of soft furniture in work and social areas. A translucent curtain crafted from Forest Nap also acts as a divider in an open social space.

Overall, the layout and forms at the offices are inspired by the distinctive front design of the cars. The Kvadrat textiles were also chosen for their ability to cling to the many curves that characterise the interior.

This project has been recognised with a WELL certificate for promoting health and wellbeing.

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