The tactile plains from the Quotes curtains collection reveal delicate connections between downsized, subtle, soft-toned structures and pure natural materials. The surfaces, from matte and dense to sparkling and transparent, play with perception and evoke a comforting sense of flow and order with captivating surface qualities. Geometry, scaling, layers, and materialized geometry articulate the collection's narrative, while colours provide complex tonality.


The Quotes colour palette comprises minimalistic neutrals and tones between light and shadow, which balance upscaled graphic forms and add multidimensionality to the plains. Complementing these monochrome notes, signal colours inspired by urban elements, such as logos and signs, accentuate texture and structure to reveal eye-catching contrasts. 

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Untitled curtains, part of the Quotes collection, embody Alain Biltereyst´s artwork through an unprecedented medium: soft and fluid textiles, in vibrant and contrasting colours and tones. Playing with the perception of order, structure and light, the curtains are dominated by Alain Biltereyst signature patterns. An interaction between vertical and horizontal lines creates a subtle sense of movement and multi-dimensionality, offering a scale of opportunities to create vibrant, seamless combinations. 

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