Kvadrat appoints Vincent Van Duysen and Anna Ebbesen as new creative team for Sahco

Kvadrat announces the appointment of Anna Ebbesen and Belgian architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen as the new creative lead for the product development of the German heritage textile brand Sahco, which the leading Danish textile producer acquired earlier this month.

Vincent Van Duysen is well known for his high-end residential architectural developments and his use of pure and tactile materials, resulting in clear and contemporary, yet classic designs. As Art Director, Vincent Van Duysen will provide creative consulting to the collection as well design a part of the collection in close collaboration with Design Director Anna Ebbesen and the Sahco design team.

‘Our aim is to bring new energy and the creative leadership back into the Sahco product line. We have chosen Vincent due to his powerful aesthetics and his capability to interpretate what high-end tactility in the residential context means anno 2018. With his reduced and exclusive approach and his experience, we believe that the combination of Vincent van Duysen as Art Director and our Anna Ebbesen as Design Director will infuse the Sahco brand with a contemporary yet timeless approach while respecting its 200 year heritage,’ Anders Byriel, CEO Kvadrat

Anna Ebbesen has been with Kvadrat since 2011, currently in the position of Design Manager Retail, and will move into the role as Design Director Sahco and Head of Design Consumers. Since 2012 she has closely collaborated with Raf Simons and been the driving force behind the development of the very successful Kvadrat/Raf Simons collection.

‘Starting as a young architect, one of the first fabric brands I used for my interior projects was Sahco. I remember very well   some fabrics made of beautiful dyed wool for the customized furniture I designed at the time. I always had a deep affinity to fabrics, due to the deep tradition we have here in Flanders regarding textiles, but also due to the fact that my father was involved in a textile business. I use a lot of natural, tactile and warm materials in my projects, that’s the reason why fabrics play a very dominant role in my work.

It is for me a great honour to have been appointed as Art Director for a great brand like Sahco under the supervision of Kvadrat. And I am excited and looking forward to develop forward the legacy of the Sahco brand and its product lines.’ Vincent Van Duysen