Impact Control

We want to be transparent about the data and documentation we collect, in adherence with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goal 12, Responsible Consumption and Production
. To achieve this, we pursue strong internal control systems which means for us to work with data ethics.

We will align Kvadrat's corporate risk assessment with our ESG double materiality assessment to secure strong integration with Kvadrat's business strategy, targets and corporate governance by 2025. We will work proactively with regulations, aligning our products and practices with the highest international standards and certifications.


Kvadrat´s Data Ethics Policy

It is our responsibility to continuously identify, prioritize, manage, and mitigate risks related to the handling of data, and create the best possible outcome for all involved parties. 

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Kvadrat´s Code of Conduct 

The Kvadrat Group is deeply rooted in design, and we are uncompromisingly focused on quality and the responsibility for our surroundings.

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Kvadrat Sustainability Report

We find great value in supporting the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact. Every year we share a transparent overview of our current status, risks, achievements and targets.

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Sustainability Advocacy

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