BYBORRE is an Amsterdam based textile innovation studio working on the frontiers of material development, functionality and aesthetics through engineered knits.

The BYBORRE studio is committed to true textile innovation and rethinking all stages of the garment-creation process, from design to manufacturing. The BYBORRE label, BYBORRE’s in-house brand, is the perfect means for showcasing the studio’s advances. It is, in a way, the first client of the BYBORRE textile studio. It is an essential aspect of the broader BYBORRE project – in other words, it’s part of something bigger.

The BYBORRE label is the final step in proving the potential for uniting the manufacturing process under one roof to prevent waste and promote responsible design. The label serves as a forecast for the wider industry – a means of highlighting what could and should be possible with BYBORRE textiles. It provides suggestions for ideas, shapes, products and finishes to come. It is a playground for refining the BYBORRE ideology – a hub of imagination where all textiles are building blocks and research and development can be pushed to the final point.


BYBORRE  是一家位于阿姆斯特丹的面料创新工作室,以经过工程设计的针织技法在材料开发、功能性和美学的前沿领域大显身手。

BYBORRE 工作室致力于实现真正的面料创新,并重新审视服装制作过程所涵盖的所有阶段(从设计到生产)。 BYBORRE 标签(BYBORRE 自有品牌)是展示其工作室先进之处的完美方式。 从某种程度上来说,它是 BYBORRE 面料工作室的第一位客户。 它是更广泛的 BYBORRE 项目的重要方面,换言之,它是更宏伟的项目的一部分。

该工作室可将制造过程整合为一体以防止浪费并促进负责任的设计,而 BYBORRE 标签是证明这方面潜力的最后一步。 该标签可作为更广泛行业的风向标——一种可突出显示采用 BYBORRE 面料所能达到和应当达到之效果的方式。 它可提供有关未来的创意、造型、产品和后整理方面的建议。 这是为完善 BYBORRE 创意体系而建的游乐场——一个充满想象力的枢纽,在这里,所有面料都是构建的基石,研发的潜力可以发挥到极致。

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