Azure Outdoor


Azure Outdoor is an outdoor upholstery textile constructed with a high volume of recycled polyester and a water-repellent treatment which is free from PFAS. Designed by Margrethe Odgaard, it comes in 13 colourways informed by the sky’s changing light.


The poetic colour palette is designed to give a sensation of light and colour to the natural and architectural elements that typically populate outdoor settings, rather than overpower them. The whole collection features a shadow grey warp yarn, while the colours of the weft yarns comprise both cold and warm neutrals and reddish notes, which harmonise with materials like clay, brick, and concrete, as well as a soft blues and sun-bleached yellows.


Azure Outdoor is constructed with a dobby weave, creating a seemingly textured surface even though the textile is quite flat in its construction.

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The textile offers effective weather resistance and durability.
Its fluorocarbon-free finish is water-repellent, fast-drying and provides resistance against chlorine, seawater, and artificial weathering. It is produced without FR additives and is suitable for all commercial and residential applications.

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