The #coloureffects is an exploratory colour-setting method designed by Margrethe Odgaard.
It aims to create a deeper understanding of the sensory and emotional effects of colours. 


We all experience colours differently.
Each colour has a sensory and emotional effect that varies from individual to individual.
Through her colour-setting method, Margrethe Odgaard aims to offer architects and designers a medium to articulate their individual perception of colours, exploring the reasons behind them as well as their interactions.



Margrethe Odgaard used this method to set the colours for the #coloureffects installation in our showroom during Salone del Mobile. Through the installation, visitors embark on a journey to discover the sensory and emotional impact of colours, celebrating the launch of Re-wool 2 and Azure Outdoor, our new upholstery textiles.



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Re-wool 2

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