Metre Architects



Soft Cells Tracks acoustic panels, circular LED lighting and door covered with Sahco’s Mirari and Shell Reversible. A matching throw is also crafted from Mirari.

Round sun, long river

At a prestigious renovated semi-detached private home in Singapore, an artistic Kvadrat Acoustics solution interacts with a long carpet to act as a spatial interpretation of Tang Dynasty Wang Wei’s “The Round Sun Sets Beside the Long River”.

The Kvadrat Acoustics solution is a 3.5m by 5m-wide acoustic wall comprising Soft Cells Tracks acoustic panels. It fits with the interior concept of using natural materials while elevating the acoustic quality in the space, which is populated by hard materials like stone floors, glass partitions, and wooden elements.

To artistic effect, the 18 sqm solution integrates a large and a small LED-lit in circular form. They are covered with the forest-themed Sahco’s Mirari and Shell Reversible textiles. To further accentuate the sense of immaculate materiality and subtle associations, Sahco textiles are also used to cover the door in the acoustic wall. Together, these textiles coordinate poetically with the nearby chandelier, walnut-veneered furniture, rug, and sandstone and travertine panels.

Overall, the solution helped the architects to animate and bring a sense of axial order to the expansive home. For instance, its soft circular glow illuminates the silky shimmer of the Sahco textiles and the American black walnut dining table, underscoring the timber-like veins of the sandstone.

Woon Chung Yen, Founder and Director, Metre Architects: “We repeat our collaborations with Kvadrat for our high-end residential projects because Kvadrat offers a wide range of well-designed, high-quality textiles. Their textile specialists ‘get’ our design ideas almost intuitively and give us textile options that are always on point. We often do not require much persuasion for owners to see the added value of these textiles, both acoustically and aesthetically, for their homes.”

A throw on the sofa is also crafted from Mirari. Its dark colours complement the sombre dark-stained sand-blasted walnut veneers throughout the home.