Colours of change

At Kvadrat Really, we create circular, engineered materials made from upcycled end-of-life textiles. Textile Tabletop™, Textile Board and Textile Felt enable leading furniture and fashion brands, architects, and designers to simultaneously create timeless interiors. Creating colours without using dyestuff is a captivating process. Every colour we offer is a blend of existing textile waste colours and a reflection of our commitment to quality and environmental consciousness.

The truth behind colours

Let's confront the truth head-on. The world of colours is a delicate balance between ethics and aesthetics; it is our responsibility, to the planet. At Kvadrat Really, we are rewriting the narrative, limiting our products' negative impact by revitalizing the already dyed end-of-life textiles. A simple and subtle colour scheme emphasizing transparency and accountability. It is a basic, relevant and a more sustainable palette.

It starts with the sorting

In the realm of textile waste management, precision is paramount. Our innovative sorting manual, designed for our weaving mill in Norway and our suppliers in general, focuses on efficiently categorising textiles based on their unique qualities. Whether it is the play of light and whites, the dominance of blues, or the abundance of neutral tones, we know seamless textile sorting is key for finding the perfect hue.

Crafting the perfect hue

The craft of creating the perfect colour is a meticulous endeavour. Our sampling process for grey hues exemplifies our dedication to perfection. With an understanding that even the slightest variation can alter the entire aesthetic, we meticulously blend fibres, adjust tones, and reuse each pigment with care and expertise.

Colour variations will, due to our no dyestuff scheme, occur from batch to batch. The random laying of fibres guarantees uniqueness in all products, allowing customers and users to reflect on our zero-waste and low-impact agenda.

No artificial dyes

In our pursuit of a no-waste future and enabling circularity we uphold a stringent policy of using environmentally safe materials in every step of our manufacturing process. By avoiding any artificial dyes and chemicals we ensure full and safe recyclability, and alongside our customers contribute to a more sustainable future.