Frequently Asked Questions

Explore below Kvadrat Really Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and discover more details about our products and solutions 

    The Textile Tabletop™ comes in 5 different sizes: 810x3050 mm (no edges) 800x1200/1400/1600/1800 mm (w/edge treatment) – thickness of 18 mm.

  • The Textile Board only comes in one size which is 1100x3000 mm – a thickness of 10 mm.

  • The Textile Board are always 10 mm thick and the Textile Tabletop™ are always 18 mm thick.

  • We cannot recommend applying the Textile Boards and Tabletops in areas with a lot of water, like outdoors, kitchens, and bathrooms. Textile Boards are covered with melamine and meet the industry’s highest standard for wear and tear, category 5 surface resistance

  • Standard Textile Tabletop™ solutions are delivered without pre-drilled holes, as table solutions and design and mounting systems vary. We offer at an extra cost to pre-drill holes based on technical drawings delivered by clients (DXF files).

  • Kvadrat Really materials are designed for circularity. By agreement, we can take back larger quantities of used products, recycle them into new products, and return them to the client. This is after a certain lifetime of the initial product of at least 3 years.

  • The boards can be re-grinded and used for the production of new Kvadrat Really boards.

  • The Textile Board core is white because a lot of white post-consumer textile is available from hospitals, hotels, and other larger facilities. The Textile Tabletop™ core is multi-coloured as the core represents the blended colour fractions in textile waste. In the final product, the core is covered by edge bands or lacquer.

  • The strength of the Textile board & Tabletop is almost double MDF, and the stiffness is a little higher than MDF. The Cotton versions of Kvadrat Really boards are stronger and stiffer than the woollen versions.

  • The weight of one Textile board in the size 10x1100x3000 = 29 Kilos.
    T-shirt weighs about 0.29 Kilos, which means that about 100 T-shirts are used for one board. The weight of a Textile Tabletop™ 18x800x1600 mm = 20 Kilos equals 70 T-shirts.

  • Standard round tables come in three sizes Ø500, Ø800, Ø1100 and with the same edge options as regular Textile Tabletop™.

  • Tabletops have a m2 weight of 16kg
    - Ø500mm = approx. 3kg
    - Ø800mm = approx. 8kg
    - Ø500mm = approx. 15kg

  • We use approx. 10% of a biobased binder for our outer layers and 20% of binder sourced from a waster fraction from standard binder production.

  • We have a min. requirement for our stiffness (E-modules) of 2500MPa – often we are around and above 3000MPa, which is similar to a standard 18mm MDF.

  • Due to the high density of a Really board, it has a 40% higher screw fastness compared to MDF.

  • It has been tested in a temperature span of -40 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius and performance still holds up – which is a climate chamber test to simulate extreme conditions during transport. Our surface has been tested at 70°c for 20min and passed, which is the standard for furniture surfaces.

  • Yes.

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