Séché Studio & Laura Bilde

Århus, Denmark


Furniture and display elements constructed from Textile Board.

Maria Black Jewellery's design team, in collaboration with Séché Studio, have used our Textile Board at a flagship store in Aarhus, Jutland. They chose the material to realise the ambition of creating an aesthetic, sustainability-focused retail space.

The store features different elements crafted from Textile Board: a sculptural table, seating, plinths and walls with cavities for displaying branded jewellery boxes. These are in neutral colours or white, helping to deliver a pure, eco-conscious ambience.

One other flagship was launched together with the Aarhus store. This shares the same interior concept and it is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Maria Black founded her jewellery brand in 2010. Since then, the Copenhagen-born, Danish-Irish designer has created contemporary, fine and fashion jewellery collections driven by an inclusive ethos, focused on allowing individuals to set their creativity free.

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