London Design Festival 2022

During London Design Festival 2022, Kvadrat invites you to immerse yourself in an exploration of textures, colours and structures by Swedish design studio Front, presenting the knitted upholstery textile Arda in our Shepherdess Walk showroom.

Arda by Front

Arda is a knitted upholstery textile which recreates complex natural forms, structures, surfaces, and colours found deep in the wild. It originated as  part of a design project entitled Design by Nature led by Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren from the Swedish design studio Front. 

The tapestry-like expression of Arda changes to reflect the environment where it is situated. In this way, like the fluid experience of nature, the textile reveals surprising nuances and characteristics as its surroundings, or the conditions change.

Arda has been designed to minimise impact on the natural environments that it mimics. It is primarily constructed from natural woollen yarn – a renewable resource – using an innovative manufacturing process. A technique that, compared to conventional methods, reduces water consumption by between 80 to 95 per cent.

Tuesday – Thursday 9am – 5.30pm
Friday 9am - 5pm

10 Shepherdess Walk
London N1 7LB