Mama Makan

Concrete architectural associates

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Seating in Balder 3 and Tonica.
Surprise rugs on the floors

Mama Makan

For the interior of the Mama Makan project Concrete architectural associates sought inspiration in the ancient trading routes between The Netherlands and Indonesia. To empathise this they chose the Kvadrat upholstery textiles Balder 3 by Raf Simons and Tonica 2 for the sofas and banquettes. The Kvadrat rug Surprise, in custom colours, features in the different zones of the restaurant.

One reason we chose Kvadrat as supplier was to align the upholstery of bespoke and catalogue furniture. Furthermore, we were also able to get an ideal colour-match with the rugs by using individually arranged swatches based on the couch fabrics,” Tobias Koch, Concrete.

A brass cage-like cabinet wrapped around the core hides the structure of the building. This cage, which has a concrete-edged palm pattern as a backdrop, accommodates key functions, such as the restaurant bar and private dining areas. Moving outwards towards the glass façades, the restaurant offers variety of seating areas. 

Fixed banquettes create smaller cosy brasserie-like zones with loose flexible furniture. Three large round tables, featuring rotating centres for serving traditional Indonesian ‘rijsttafels’, are at one end of the space.

Light from the glass facades is filtered by adjustable paper shades, which produce a play of shadows. In addition, around 200 paper lanterns – a reference to Asian sky lanterns – ‘float’ above the tables to add intimacy. 

The cage continues seamlessly into the reception of the hotel lobby, where islands of different sofas and soft rugs create a living room feeling. A living green wall of tropical plants connects the entrance to the patio in the rear, blurring the distinction between inside and out.

Just like the restaurant’s show kitchen, the bar is cut out of the centre core. Furthermore, the lobby bar cuts into that same volume creating a lounge hidden from the direct line of sight. The low black-mirror ceiling emphasises the cosy atmosphere.

Dutch-Indonesian Grand Café Mama Makan is in the Spinoza Hotel by Hyatt Regency in Amsterdam. Designed by concrete, the restaurant is a modern interpretation of a Dutch-Indonesian Grand café, inspired by the journeys on the ancient trading routes with the East.

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