From waste to weave

Kvadrat Weaving, our Dutch production entity located in Winterswijk, specialises in creating high-quality curtains and upholstery textiles crafted from polyester and increasingly recycled polyester materials.

In 2022, Kvadrat Weaving initiated the EU Ecolabel certification process for more polyester products and entered a partnership to recycle its production waste into new recycled textile products. This move reflects our commitment to sustainability, as we strive to lower our carbon footprint. The distinction between recycled and virgin polyester lies in their origins. Recycled polyester primarily stems from existing PET streams, sourced from Asia and southern Europe, while virgin polyester is derived from crude oil through chemical processes.

Most of our recycled polyester products upcycle post-consumer plastic bottles into high-quality textiles. They have significantly reduced the environmental impact by reusing waste materials, thereby decreasing landfill waste and curbing carbon emissions. Moreover, using recycled polyester offers the potential for repeated recyclability, creating a sustainable cycle by continually reusing recycled polyester.

At Kvadrat, we proudly offer textiles crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, with many products upcycling post-consumer plastic bottles into high-quality textiles. Products like Sone, Tero Outdoor, Steelcut Beat, Broken Twill Weave, Reflect, and Revive have sustainability at their core; each meter is created from a substantial number of recycled PET bottles.

For instance, a single meter of Tero Outdoor, Sone, or Steelcut Beat breathes new life into 26 recycled PET bottles, while Broken Twill Weave repurposes 22 bottles per meter. In 2022 alone, we gave a second life to 487,516 PET bottles through the sales of our recycled polyester upholstery textiles.

A true standout in our polyester offering is Sport, the first-ever upholstery textile crafted entirely from 100% ocean-bound plastic waste collected within 10 km of oceans and shores in Thailand, where improved waste management is crucial. Sport exemplifies Kvadrat’s commitment to conscious design principles and is created in close collaboration with #tide, a Swiss company committed to conscious entrepreneurship and recycling ocean-bound plastic waste. Unlike other ocean-bound polyester textiles, Sport is free from virgin polyester or non-ocean-bound recycled materials, offering sustainability benefits over other ocean-bound polyester textiles.

We recycle PET bottles and lead the way in crafting upholstery textiles made from ocean-bound plastic waste. Our Conscious Design Principles prioritise product longevity, guiding our brands and production partners towards reducing the use of virgin materials and resources.