Finally. A no-waste concept for office tabletops

Pioneering Textile Tabletop is a high-quality circular engineered material that drives the transition to a no-waste future. Designed to be reused, it is made from upcycled end-of-life textiles and is fully circular.

Embodied carbon in buildings accounts for 10% of global emissions. Society needs to act now. Each 800 x 1600 Textile Tabletop recycles the equivalent of 60 t-shirts. Imagine how you could contribute towards positive change.

We need to act now

Built environments account for nearly half of global CO2 emissions – and building materials account for 20%* To minimize the damage to our planet, as a society, we need to act now. At Kvadrat Really, we create high-quality circular materials from textile waste that meet this existential challenge.

Textile Tabletop

Circular Textile Tabletop combines circularity, durability, and aesthetic excellence. Crafted from textile waste, it offers a tactile melamine surface and matching or contrasting oak, and impact-resistant and heat-tolerant ABS edges. It also meets the industry’s highest standard for wear and tear: category five surface resistance.

One team, one vision

We can do it – halve global emissions by the end of the decade – but it requires immediate action.  Mindful of this, at Kvadrat Really, we unite to create high-quality engineered from textile waste, which contribute towards a more sustainable future today.






Kvadrat Really applied

Maria Black Jewellery's design team, in collaboration with Séché Studio, have used Really Solid Textile Board at a flagship store in Århus, Jutland. They chose the material to realise the ambition of creating an aesthetic, sustainability-focused retail space.