Speaking to almost 200 years of heritage in the language of now, the Sahco 2023 collection traverses the past, present, and future. Fluid and transgressive, familiar yet deceptive, the exquisite selection of draperies and upholsteries are classical and radically new. 

Immerse yourself in a universe of paradoxes and contrasts to find beauty and balance. The new collection´s textiles are individually distinct but transcendent together. 

The Sahco 2023 collection draws from the archive to reimagine a future where Suzy Wong meets Christian Dior,  dressing up the room in a fusion of culture and creativity, playing with materiality and chromatic and off kilter palettes. 

"Sexy. Art. Heritage. Elegance. Opulence. Controversy.
I want Sahco to encapsulate them."

Bengt Thornefors,
Creative Director Sahco