Sport is an upholstery textile that unites a vibrant, high-tech contemporary expression with a compelling sustainability profile. It is Kvadrat’s first textile woven from ocean-bound polyester, a recycled material made from plastic waste collected within 10 km from shore.


“The colours for Sport are divided into ‘salt and pepper’ monochrome nuances, which illuminate the textile’s high-tech graphic character, and solid shades which fade its texture away.”

Patricia Urquiola


Sport comes in a versatile selection of 20 colourways, which incorporates a scale of rich, warm and cold accents, and neutral notes, giving the textile a bold look.
Its exceptional colour richness is derived from the three different coloured yarns used in its construction. Due to the nature of working with recycled content, colour deviations will occur between consignments, especially where light colours and undyed yarns are used.

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