We are proud to present the world´s first upholstery textile woven from 100% ocean-bound polyester.


The yarn used to produce Sport is derived entirely from post-consumer plastic, collected no further than 10 km away from coastlines in Thailand. 



Sport stands out as a sustainable choice among ocean-bound polyester textiles. Sport sources a significant portion of its ocean-bound plastic from coastal areas, effectively preventing it from becoming ocean waste. The collected plastic primarily comprises PET bottles, which undergo meticulous sorting and cleaning processes, with no additional chemicals, given that PET materials are free of harsh and hazardous substances. Ultimately, this plastic is transformed into granules, thereby preparing it for further processing into yarn.


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Sport exemplifies Kvadrat’s commitment to conscious design principles and is created in close collaboration with #tide, a Swiss company committed to conscious entrepreneurship. They are building a global supply chain for premium second-life raw material made from ocean-bound plastic waste. 

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