Colline 2 by Frans Dijkmeijer & Giulio Ridolfo

Colline 2 is a three-dimensional upholstery textile designed by master weaver Frans Dijkmeijer, which has an intricate structure that stands out as a relief on its surface. Simple yet complex in constructure, it comes in an updated colour scale created by Giulio Ridolfo.

The new palette complements the textile’s dynamic yet understated expression.

Giulio Ridolfo: ”Colline is a masterwork from Frans. I aimed to create a scale that ranges from clear to obscure (light to dark), and added natural, earthy blended tones to it. As the colours came out of the loom, I immediately felt comfortable and happy with them. Just like climbing a ‘colline’ on a spring day).”

The construction of Colline 2 – named after the French word for hill – reflects Frans Dijkmeijer many years of experimentation with materials and weaving structures. Characterised by pronounced depth and volume, it features an organic pattern of precise squares that play across its surface.

Colline 2 is primarily made of wool which is anchored onto an acrylic base. During the textile’s innovative manufacturing process, the wool rises where it is not attached, whereas the acrylic shrinks.