Kvadrat introduces Kvadrat High Performance Textiles: our range of roller blind textiles designed to enhance comfort and well-being. Providing superior thermal, visual and acoustic properties, our high performance textiles create the perfect indoor climate. With our metallised textiles, you can also reduce your heating and cooling costs, and significantly reduce your CO2 emissions.

Crafted according to Conscious Design principles, as it is constructed by 100% recycled yarns, Steelcut Beat is the latest iteration of our long collaboration with Giulio Ridolfo.

Traverse the past, present, and future as you discover Sahco 2023 collection. A selection of exquisite draperies and upholsteries that experiment with paradox and contrasts to find beauty and balance.

Our journey toward net-zero

As one of the first textile companies in Scandinavia to be validated by SBTi, we commit to foster an impactful change in our industry by taking concrete climate action. We believe having our near-term science based target validated is the first clear and vital step towards our ambitions to become net-zero by 2040. 

The Triple Folly

The latest addition to our HQ is a Gesamtkunstwerk building co-created by celebrated artist Thomas Demand and Caruso St John Architects. The structure follows a sculptural logic rather than a structural one, casting light on the dynamics between architecture and art. 

Kvadrat around the world

At Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Kvadrat textiles and a Kvadrat Acoustic solution add colour, texture and wellbeing to campus life. They also contribute towards the architects’ vision of using sustainable, healthy materials throughout the premises.