Highfield 3 by Alfredo Häberli

Highfield is an upholstery textile with a sporty expression crafted by Alfredo Häberli. It comes in updated colours and a top layer made of the textile Field – also by the Argentinian-born designer – which features a pronounced checkered pattern. The essence of Highfield design remains unchanged.

The textile is still characterised by an organic heat-printed, embossed pattern of differently sized circles and comprises two layers of material either side of a layer of flame-retardant foam.

This construction gives Highfield, which is inspired by Alfredo Häberli’s perforated metal bench design ‘Los Bancos Suizos’, a tactile, three-dimensional feel. The introduction of the Field top layer adds an extra dimension of vibrancy to the look of the textile.

Alfredo Häberli: ‘My idea for Highfield was to achieve a three-dimensional, soft surface. The irregular circles in the material add sparkle to the surface and the pattern suits furniture well with its combination of square and organic forms’.

The new colour scheme for Highfield has been developed using nuances from the Field palette. It comprises mainly natural and subtly coloured hues, as well as a few bolder notes. Depending on the level of colour-contrast in the colourway, the top layer can look almost unicoloured or more graphic.

Highfield is durable and flame-retardant and is well suited to public and private spaces alike.