Jaali by Doshi Levien

Named after the Hindi word for net or grid, Jaali is constructed with two unicoloured yarns. The contrast between the lighter, tone-on-tone yarns used for the pattern and the smooth, flat surface creates a three-dimensional play of light and shadow.

Curiously, this infuses the textile with both lightness and depth. Though directionless, the drop-like shapes of Jaali’s pattern add another dimension to the design. They unite to create a subtle sense of weight and graphic movement. Jaali comes in 20 colourways, carefully selected from 1500 woven samples.

To develop these, Doshi Levien took the colour scales of Lila and Raas – two other textiles they have designed for Kvadrat – as a starting point. To complete the palette, the designers set about crafting fresh, unexpected coloured neutrals.