Remix Screen by Giulio Ridolfo

Remix Screen is a lighter version of the acclaimed textile Remix, which is specially developed for wall panels, desk screens and similar applications. Like Remix, it is designed by Giulio Ridolfo.

The composition of Remix Screen is identical to Remix: two different mélange yarns, which each combine up to three hues. Consequently, the textiles offer the same exceptional colour depth, play of subtle details and colour contrasts when seen close-up.

While Remix Screen derives from Remix 3, there is a subtle difference between the two textiles. Remix Screen has slightly more open construction and is greater in width.

Together with Remix, Remix Screen has a high content of renewable fibres and is certified according to the EU Ecolabel. It is appropriate for those looking for a textile with a reduced environmental impact; for instance, architects or interior designers working with LEED-certified buildings.