On False Tears and Outsourcing by Cally Spooner

New York, 2016

The artist Cally Spooner incorporated Soft Cells as part of her performance piece 'On False Tears and Outsourcing' at New Museum, New York.

The performance installation comprises a series of architectural additions to the museum’s Lobby Gallery and a group of dancers trained by rugby players and a movie director. The dance group will be responding to Spooner’s conflicting choreographic instructions: to stay intimately bound together while remaining fiercely separate.

The long glass wall that separates the Lobby Gallery from the New Museum Lobby is a central feature of the installation. Spooner has emphasized the contrasts of the space through the use of background noise and the insertion of a 21 metre long wall of Soft Cells, soft white acoustic panels layered over the rear wall of the gallery.

The piece is produced in collaboration with Kvadrat and Lafayette Anticipation – Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette, Paris.