Kvadrat Soft Cells is now Kvadrat Acoustics

Kvadrat Acoustics is the new name for Kvadrat Soft Cells. We’ve made this change to better reflect the comprehensive portfolio of acoustic solutions we now offer. And to make life simpler for our customers who collaborate with us across the Kvadrat universe.

We may have changed our name but everything else we offer remains the same. So, you can still expect the same attentive service and high-performance acoustic solutions characterised by aesthetic excellence and exceptional versatility.

Kvadrat Soft Cells was born from the desire the create seamless acoustic solutions that elevate the experience of architecture and promote wellbeing. Our new brand name is an expression of this vision, which remains our guiding star.

Explore the Kvadrat Acoustics solution

Project references

At Kvadrat Acoustics we have extensive experience in many different markets, architectural needs and acoustic environments. The projects we have been involved in range from new buildings to renovations. 

Why Kvadrat Acoustics

Our solutions offer a wide variety of benefits that can accommodate your acoustic needs. Kvadrat Acoustics unique design ecosystem is combined with our market-leading 10 year warranty, offering a seamless integration into any space, assisted by a personalised support. 

What do we offer

Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics are acoustic solutions that deliver up to Class A sound absorption. They can be mounted both on walls and ceilings. Available in a wide choice of Kvadrat textiles and fully customisable, they can be seamlessly integrated into any design scheme.

Realise your vision

Our solutions includes personalised support from initial consultation to installation.