South into North

South into North is a curatorial and art-advisory agency specialized in contemporary art. Founded by curators Francesca Astesani and Julia Rodrigues in 2013, South into North has been working with us since 2015 on our ambitious program of art collaborations and commissions.

Projects include: Pipilotti Rist, Open My Glade at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (2019); Adelita Husni-Bey, Chiron at New Museum (2019); Karl Holmqvist, Untitled (WHAT? WHEN? WHY? WHO?) at Kvadrat HQ (2018); Roman Signer, House at Kvadrat HQ (2017); Philippe Parreno, Hypothesis at Hangar Bicocca (2015) and Anywhen at Tate Modern (2016); Goshka Macuga, To the Son of the Man Who Ate the Scroll at Fondazione Prada (2015), amongst several others.

South into North’s main focus is the strategic development of art commissions.

We take the commissioning process to be a way of thoroughly engaging and exploring a given situation, be it primarily physical, theoretical - or both, through the means of art production. We use art as a resource for knowledge production and support an interdisciplinary approach that encourages a dialogue between the arts and different fields of expertise.