The Constructure collection, designed by Creative Director Isa Glink, takes you on a journey into a universe of tactile structures and intricate weaving constructions. Constructure explores the architectural idea of structure merging into the construction by sketching with materials, colours, yarns and threads.

Seaside, Cascade & Flame

The collection brings together unique aesthetics, which unfold and shape sensual, subtle transitions. This is achieved by layering distinct manufacturing processes. As a result, densely woven brights fade into subtle transparency; lustrous layers merge into natural matte surfaces; ultralight sheers shift into three-dimensional textures; and smooth paper-like yarns create a mellow contrast.

Sophisticated materials correspond with these eye-catching characteristics. For instance, pure cotton, linen and wool blend their natural properties with man-made viscose, nylon and finely-spun, flameretardant polyester.

Textures, woven lines and printed grids are combined with each other, becoming designs in their own right. Sensuous, soft and tactile, these stimulate the senses and enhance the experience of a space, as the light and your perspective changes.

Bonus, Melt & Crunch

Grids and reliefs: Cmykk, Moss & Halo

The Constructure colour scheme comprises subtle warm nuances and cooler shades, as well as rich, deep, mature tones like brass, petrol and burgundy. The individual palettes are universal and invite you to create calming ambiences, or alternatively, novel colour combinations.

Moss, Cmykk, Halo

Like the Constructure textiles, the rugs in the collection provide a fresh insight into the relationship between materials, colours, structures and constructions.

The Persian hand-knotted rug Cascade occupies a space between pattern and structure, and offers extraordinary colour depth. This property comes from combining materials that express hues in subtly different ways – wool, silk and linen – as well as a washed finish and a rich pile.

Moss combines the comfort of a hand-knotted rug with the pure aesthetic of a flatweave. It gains its exceptional volume from a specially developed technique, which involves looping a felted yarn around a filling yarn.

With a complex melange of 5 different colours and yarns, the hand-woven rug Melt offers a delicate yet vibrant interplay of nuances. As you get closer to the rug, fine details teasingly emerge from its surface.

Bonus, Moss & Seaside

Small Scale, Cascade & Scratch

Small Scale, Fine Line & Scratch