Specify your Kvadrat Acoustics solution

Kvadrat Acoustics solutions enhance aesthetic quality, productivity, and wellbeing – while overcoming the acoustic challenges typically associated with modern architecture. They seamlessly integrate into any space on walls and ceilings.

Whatever your design vision, acoustic challenge, there is a custom Kvadrat Acoustics solution for your project. To help with specifications, our team offers you personalised support from initial consultation to installation. Specification typically involves the steps explained below.

Create aesthetically outstanding spaces with perfect sound control.

Circular, triangular, concave, and convex constructions are all possible.

Kvadrat Acoustics solutions offer a broad selection of Kvadrat textiles.

We offer you creative freedom for installation on any surface.

Why good acoustics matter

Today's modern architecture is often characterised by materials, such as glass, concrete and steel, that can lead to distracting and uncomfortable noise. Kvadrat Acoustics solutions allow you to overcome this challenge while enhancing aesthetic quality, productivity and well-being.

Good acoustics can improve:

Task motivation by over 60% 1  
Ability to focus on tasks by more than 40% 2
Mental arithmetic performance by 20% 3  
Performance during concentration demanding tasks with up to 50% 4


Good acoustics can reduce:

Adrenaline levels by 30% 5  
Stress levels by 27% 6
Conversational distractions by more than 50% 7  
Error rates by 10% 8


Any shape. Any wall or ceiling. Any acoustic need.

Available in any freeform shape and over 200 textile colours, Kvadrat Acoustics solutions offer infinite creative flexibility and exceptional longevity. Backed by up to 10 year warranty on selected textiles and systems, and expert end-to-end service, our solutions stay pristine for years.

Kvadrat Acoustics Product Specifier

Kvadrat Acoustics Product Specifier allows you to create tailored solutions for your project by combining applications, shapes, and acoustic functions. Kvadrat Acoustics solutions offer you seamless integration and design flexibility to bring your vision to life.

Infinite creative flexibility

Kvadrat Acoustics solutions, which include a rich choice of Kvadrat textiles that are pretested for acoustic performance, provide total creative freedom.

- Pre- or post-fit
- Over 200 textile colours 
- Easy, flexible installation   
- Custom Kvadrat textiles possible
- Seamless integration of technical service products 
- Any freeform shape possible for any wall or ceiling

Exeptional longevity

Kvadrat Acoustics solutions offer an outstanding return on investment, as they are durable and long-lasting due to patented tensioning mechanism.

- Stay pristine for years
- Up to 10 years warranty
- Simple to reinstall and reupholster
- Unaffected by heat and humidity 

End-to-end support

Kvadrat Acoustics solutions combine local insights, architecture and design expertise and the efficiencies of a global network. You tailor your service solution to your project.

- Installation
- Acoustic advice 
- Installer training   
- Computational design
- Guidance on specifications
- Assistance with selecting textiles   
- Regulations and budget optimisation

Integrated solutions

Kvadrat Acoustics solutions backed by a unique design ecosystem. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with a suite of complementary products developed in collaboration with Lindner PARC. These include Weave Radiant Textile Panels and NODE.

- Weave Radiant Textile Panels incorporate water pipes that heat or cool a radiant surface behind a specially engineered textile layer

- NODE seamlessly integrates disparate M&E systems via standardisation, solving a typical aesthetic and practical challenge for architects

Kvadrat Acoustics Textile collection

Discover a curated range of textiles with distinctive aesthetic designs effortlessly fitting diverse interior styles while fulfilling specific technical needs. Maximise your space's acoustics to create a pleasant and healthy environment and elevate the well-being of its occupants.

Learn more and realise your vision

Our solution includes personalised support from initial consultation to installation. This combines local insights, architectural expertise and other advantages and efficiencies of Kvadrat’s global network.