Luminous Textile

Incorporate multicoloured LEDs behind tensioned textile layer and soften sound

Combining Signify's leadership in ambient lighting with Kvadrat Soft Cells’ expertise in controlling sound absorption, the panels feature multi-coloured LEDs behind the front textile layer of a Kvadrat Soft Cells frame. Luminous Textile panels bring spaces to life by delivering ambient lighting, dynamic video content and optimal acoustic conditions.

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  • Reinforce brand identity
  • Design diverse ambiences
  • Dampen noise and echoes
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Create, edit and upload dynamic video content with Content Management software

Textiles & lighting

Luminous Textile panels are suitable for use as a building component and for post-fitting. They are available in custom or standard sizes, and can be used individually or in groups. The only connections they require are a standard power cable and an Ethernet cable, which is used for managing the dynamic video content and connecting the system to, for example, a building management system.

Importantly, Luminous Textile panels have been designed to meet all building regulations and safety norms.

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Learn more and realise your vision

Our solution includes personalised support from initial consultation to installation. This combines local insights, architectural expertise and other advantages and efficiencies of Kvadrat’s global network.

Luminous Textile projects