Park Associati 

Milan, Italy


Custom Kvadrat Acoustics solution integrating Weave Radiant Textile Panels, covered in Casa alu, a custom performance textile.

Lorenzo Zandri and Andrea Martiradonna

Crystal Clear

Luxury eyewear brand Luxottica's new HQ in Milan takes the form of a transparent crystal, which expresses innovation and beauty while promoting wellbeing. Following this vision, a custom radiant textile solution, developed in collaboration with PARC, is specified throughout the building. 

The solution comprises Weave Radiant Textile Panels incorporating copper coils on heat transfer saddles integrated within a Kvadrat Acoustics frame. The panels are upholstered with Casa Alu, a long-lasting custom-made performance textile crafted with perforated aluminium. They are installed on corridor ceilings and the ceiling above the main entrance. 

At the HQ, the Kvadrat Acoustics solution brings a scale of experiential and functional benefits to staff and visitors. It supports thermal comfort by providing efficient heating and cooling and meets the significant acoustic challenge of large open spaces populated with hard surfaces like glass and concrete. 

Furthermore, the acoustic solution also elevates aesthetic quality and visual comfort: the curved trapezium-shaped Weave panels seamlessly follow the distinctive curvature of the building's façade and integrate Viabizzuno lights. On a practical level, it simplifies installation, maintenance and reupholstery.

Filippo Pagliani, Founder Architect, Park Associati: "In this project, we had a strong focus on the thermal, acoustic, and aesthetic elements to enhance wellbeing, and we tried to find these three concepts in one product. We discovered that with the product Weave, from Kvadrat Acoustics and PARC, we had the opportunity to have exactly what we wanted. It's really a technical solution that gave us the right answers to the question of human wellbeing." 

Weave Radiant Textile Panels are a joint venture between Kvadrat Acoustics and PARC, a Price Industries company and leader in innovative architectural solutions. They unite Kvadrat Acoustics' expertise in acoustics and aesthetics with Price Industries' deep experience in radiant heating and cooling technology.