La Maison des 8 Heures

Jourdain Architectes Associés

Brussels, Belgium
A Kvadrat Acoustics solution has been chosen for the auditorium at La Maison des 8 Heures in Brussels.

The architects Jourdain Architectes Associés chose Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics as, thanks to their minimalistic design, their covering textiles could be used as ‘elements of architecture’.

Soft Cells panels, covered in the dark grey Kvadrat textile Divina, are placed on a succession of clear white painted walls. They ‘open the senses’ by offering a dark, absorbent contrast to the conference hall’s reflective cold glass and seats, which are upholstered in the Maharam fabric Sudden.

“Using Soft Cells panels allowed us to choose materials that have a direct relationship with the essence of the architecture and its special atmosphere.”
S. Jourdain, Jourdain Architectes

37 Soft Cells Broadline panels in different versions and in various shapes and sizes.