My Canvas at London Design Festival

In honour of Kvadrat’s fruitful 13-year collaboration with Italian designer Giulio Ridolfo, we invited designers to create unique works using Ridolfo’s distinctive ‘Canvas’ upholstery textile. The brief was left open to interpretation and the results were unveiled at the exhibition ’My Canvas’, shown at Somerset House during London Design Festival 2017. 

This third edition of Kvadrat’s design projects showcased contributions from emerging and established designers from around the globe; from Japan to Poland, from the USA to France. A celebration of creativity, the exhibition aimed to inspire the industry, to push boundaries in materiality and techniques and make one rethink the use of textile. 

Giulio Ridolfo has worked as a textile and colour advisor to some of the world’s leading fashion and design brands and conjured some of the company’s most successful textiles. ‘His feeling and approach to colour is unique,’ commends Kvadrat CEO Anders Byriel. ‘Surprising colour combinations of yarns give every textile by his hand a three-dimensional and surprising depth.’