Giulio Ridolfo

Designer Giulio Ridolfo uses colour to contextualise design and storytelling; his approach is rooted in observation, materiality, and imagination. To create his signature ‘in-between’ mercurial hues, he assumes many different roles, from self-taught botanist capturing the mutable colours of nature to a rogue anthropologist.

At Kvadrat, Giulio Ridolfo brings a warm, southern sensibility to the cool clarity of Nordic design. His role is not only to propose colours, but also to go deep into the design and manufacturing process, understanding and changing the way colour is embedded in textiles through yarn structure.

Giulio Ridolfo’s colour creations are born from the poetic vision and continuous iterations that enable him to capture colour atmospheres in textiles. They draw on a legacy of celebrated collaborations with leading fashion and interior brands spanning many years.


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