Building architect, Vilhelm Lauritzen + COBE, Interiør architect: Karima Andersen, AKC

Copenhagen, Denmark


Kvadrat Shade roller blinds solution and Kvadrat upholsteries, curtains, and rugs are specified throughout the building.

Contemporary lighthouse

Spidsen, a shimmering contemporary rotunda – a new office building and landmark overlooking the sea in Copenhagen integrates a Kvadrat Shade solution and a scale of Kvadrat rugs, upholsteries, and curtains. It is situated overlooking Nordhavn harbour and features elements that are positioned according to an annual hour-by-hour weather simulation.

The Kvadrat Shade solution plays a central role in controlling sunlight, a key goal informing the design concept for the building. It contributes to well-being and productivity throughout the day by delivering control over brightness and thermal comfort, providing access to spectacular views, and introducing tactile surfaces.

The Kvadrat upholsteries Remix, Fiord, Canvas, Steelcut Trio, curtains Time and Highlight, and rug Zenit are specified at Spidsen to promote collaboration, comfort and productivity. They add textural life and colour to the work and social areas, and complement the palette of tactile, aesthetic materials that characterise the interior and exterior of the building.

Spidsen rises to the height of 69 metres on the tip of Nordø, a small island. It marks a new urban area where sky and sea meet the Danish capital. Outside the architecture, which integrates angled façade elements based on weather simulations, reflects the water. Inside there is a lush public garden populated with tall trees. The division between the rotunda and the quay enables a third space: the Space In Between.

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