Kvadrat Shade launches new versatile roller blind solutions

Kvadrat Shade’s roller blind solutions are crafted in collaboration with world-leading specialists and designers.

Aesthetically outstanding, Kvadrat Shade aims to bring window covering solutions and services of unparalleled design and quality to architects worldwide, offering the best possible solution in terms of functionality, comfort, longevity and climate control.

The hardware is designed by the acclaimed designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, while the textiles are produced by Kvadrat and crafted in collaborations with a roster of celebrated creatives.

Suitable for walls and ceilings, the Kvadrat Shade solutions allows architects to meet a spectrum of space-specific needs and complete any design theme. The modular hardware comprises meticulously engineered components, and comes in a refined scale of colours and metallic finishes.

To optimise quality-of-space, Kvadrat Shade roller blinds minimise glare, provide access to natural views and light, and support both collaboration and privacy. This can help to increase productivity and maximise the value of space by making areas close to windows usable.

When used with a metallised textile, they can also reduce heating and cooling costs. It enables architects to create a comfortable indoor climate which enhances well-being and productivity.

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