Kvadrat Shade for US projects

At Kvadrat Shade, we specialize in providing aesthetically outstanding, versatile roller blind solutions designed to enhance visual, acoustic, and thermal comfort.

We currently limit our services in the United States to substantial orders and significant projects only. For more information or to discuss your project needs, please contact our team.

Kvadrat Shade Minimal

Minimal is an interior roller blind solution designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec to offer the ‘best minimum’. Its core component is an innovative bracket crafted from a single piece of folded steel. Minimal not only minimises the use of materials; it is also durable and easy to assemble, install and use.

Maximise comfort with Clearview (Niesen)

Our Clearview textile is engineered to give a particularly perfect view to the outside, combined with the highest level of solar reflectance – offering an excellent balance of visual and thermal comfort. Clearview reduces the need for cooling and heating systems and the associated energy consumption.

Conscious design. Decarbonisation. Impact documentation.

At Kvadrat Shade, we seek to drive the transformation towards circular building design. To achieve this ambition, we follow Conscious Design Principles, support decarbonisation, and provide transparency through impact documentation.

Discover our Carbon Neutrality Tool

This tool enables you to configure different solutions for your project and discover how long they will take to hit the carbon-neutral break-even point.

Create well-being in your space

With our collection of metallised roller blind textiles, you can fight the light and beat the heat, creating the optimal indoor climate.