Maya by Doshi Levien

Named after the Hindi word for ‘illusion’, Maya is an airy curtain textile designed by Doshi Levien. The design is inspired by Indian saris, which combine different transparencies to consistently reveal subtle nuances.

Nipa Doshi: “Flowing like the wind. Opaque as smoke. Cool as moonlight. These are some of the associations that come to my mind when I think of Maya. When we selected the colours, it was particularly important to us that they provided a sense of lightness, like a wash of colour to a space.”

Discreet, graceful shades associated with traditional saris comprise the textile’s palette. These range from gentle notes of mint and grey to understated impressions of bolder tones, such as brick and teal. Made from durable Trevira CS, Maya is flame-retardant. Consequently, it is suitable for both residential and public spaces.