Patio by Karina Nielsen Rios

Patio is an upholstery textile developed for outdoors, which offers exceptional colour vibrancy. Designed by Karina Nielsen Rios, it is made with a highly durable, specially developed Trevira CS yarn.

A result of 3 years intensive research, Patio features a fluorocarbon-free, environmentally-focused finish, which is water-repellent and fast-drying. It also provides resistance against chlorine, seawater and artificial weathering and is flame-retardant. In addition to its technical features, it also stands out for a soft touch compared to other outdoor fabrics.

Patio has a subtle structure, which combines two coloured yarns in the warp and one in the weft. Depending on the level of contrast between the colours, Patio appears either almost unicoloured or more textured.

Its versatile palette brings a fresh, sporty perspective on colours to outdoors textiles. It combines natural and neutral nuances, as well as bold highlight tones.

Patio is suitable for all outdoor spaces, as well as other areas, like spas and indoor pools, where high-humidity and chlorine are a factor. In addition to furniture, it can also be used for screens, parasols and umbrellas.