EU Ecolabel


The EU Ecolabel is a particularly stringent certification awarded to products of all kinds produced in the EU, the EEA and, in some cases, overseas. Products that meet the high qualifying standards will be in the top third of their category for environmental and functional performance.

The demands on products carrying the EU Ecolabel go beyond current legislation and, typically, get stricter every 3 to 5 years. The criteria for the label are not based on individual factors but on studies, which analyse the impact of the product or service on the environment throughout its life-cycle, starting from raw material extraction in the pre-production stage, through to production, distribution and disposal.

The criteria behind the EU Ecolabel are tough and thorough. Application for the label is voluntary. We believe that this, and the fact that the certification is awarded by an independent third-party, give good direction to customers looking to identify products and services that have a reduced environmental impact. Many of our woollen textiles have been awarded the EU Ecolabel. Our future goal is to have 75% of our wool textiles certified with the EU Ecolabel and to apply for EU Ecolabel certificates on all our Trevira CS products.

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