Reduced water footprint

Our Waterborn textile is a flagship product when it comes to environmentally sound production.

Cutting down on emissions and reducing chemicals during the making process is vital to improving sustainability. Waterborn does all this, and more. Man-made microfibers, like those that Waterborn are made from, are at the forefront of advanced textile innovation. Waterborn is a non-woven textile that replicates the natural structure of leather. The microfibers used are polymers and the result is an exceptionally high-performing sporty textile. But Waterborn’s innovation only begins there.

The exceptional facts surrounding this versatile textile are all in the making: Waterborn is produced using 70% less water than other similar microfiber textiles, whilst organic solvent consumption and energy emissions are reduced during its production process by a dramatic 99%. This near solvent-free production marks a real milestone in textile making and a great demonstration of the positive affect new methods of manufacturing can have.