Danfoss Global Service 


Danfoss Global Service and HOLMRIS B8

Hamburg, Germany

Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics and Luminous Textile in Toto on walls 


At Danfoss’s offices by the harbour in Hamburg, the company’s own architects and HOLMRIS B8 have specified Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics and Luminous Textile. 

Combining Signify's leadership in ambient lighting with Kvadrat Acoustics’ expertise in controlling sound absorption, Luminous Textile panels bring spaces alive by delivering ambient lighting, dynamic content and optimal acoustic conditions.

At Danfoss, the Soft Cells panels are utilised at work stations while the Luminous Textile panels– which are upholstered with Toto and show Danfoss graphics as well as ambient colours – are at the entrance.

From the onset, the interior suffered from poor acoustics due to its low ceilings. The Soft Cells panels play a key role in meeting this challenge. Meanwhile, the Luminous Textile panels also work to create an environment that facilitates concentration and focus.

The ability to support different ways of working and knowledge sharing is a cornerstone of the ‘activity-based’ design concept. For instance, ‘Free Seating’ is implemented at the offices: the agile interior, which features mostly ‘active’ walls and is acoustically optimised throughout, caters to a 100 people yet only has 30 fixed workstations.


Imagery by Tor Birk Trads